"Fueling the Flames of Innovation: KUWAITNET's Fikra Program Empowers MENA Startups to Overcome IT Hurdles"

Nov 10, 2018
11:00 am

In a dazzling display of unwavering support, KUWAITNET has unveiled the remarkable Fikra program, painting a vibrant canvas of opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs across the MENA region. With a symphony of innovation echoing through the air, the program serves as a transformative platform, helping budding entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of IT, which can be a significant challenge in the early days of a business. The esteemed Chief Executive and Technology (CEAT) coach, Mr. Vishal, took center stage, providing expert consultation on IT-related questions such as outsourcing and infrastructure setup. The names Careem and Fenix shimmered like beacons of accomplishment, showcasing their meteoric rise in the MENA startup landscape. These startups have tackled IT challenges head-on, leveraging cloud services and building robust IT infrastructure to power their success stories. The Fikra program offers a roadmap for MENA startups to navigate their IT challenges and unleash their full potential.